Customer Testimonials

"annie's edibles is my service of choice, great food and great service."
~ Cher

“I can’t wait for my next meal, I love my meals”
~ Kevin Sands

“The food is always wholesome, healthy and really, really good! It’s nice to have something so convenient that actually tastes delicious.”
~ Linwood Boomer – Producer

“Getting annie’s edibles is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I use the service when I work so I can stay in good shape and keep my stamina up during my long work hours. And she accommodates my picky palate wonderfully.”
~ Diane Weiss

“My mother was a true gourmet, which is probably why I both need and adore annie's edibles. Annalisa makes dieting delicious, and as someone who has been on virtually every diet known to mankind, I feel like I have finally found the perfect program. The team at annie's edibles creates delicious and satisfying meals that never make me feel like I am being deprived. The menu variety is outstanding and the quality of the food is matched only by the genuine, thoughtful care Annalisa has for her clients. “
~ Steve Elzer

“Always fresh, always fun, always on time. annie’s edibles makes losing weight easy and you never get bored. Exciting food, interestingly prepared.”
~ Sue Emmer - Promotion & Marketing

“Health is important to me, and with my busy schedule, annie’s edibles is a perfect way to eat properly, without having to spend a lot of time preparing meals myself. And unlike her competitors, it’s comforting to know that Annalisa herself is aware of my specific likes and dislikes, and puts that extra attention to detail into the meals prepared just for me.”
~ Jonah McMichael - Line Producer Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.

"annie's edibles, I never want to be without it."
~ Sarah Michelle Gellar

“We were thrilled to have annie’s edibles providing all of the meals for the show. You can exercise until you pass out, but if you aren’t eating properly, you won’t see the best results. Annalisa’s gourmet meals helped teach the participants how to make permanent changes to the way they eat, and showed them that eating healthy does not have to mean eating boring foods. I was so impressed with her service that I now use it myself!“
~ Jonah McMichael - Producer, VH1’s “From Flab to Fab”

“I have been receiving the food since June 2004 and have found that at annie's edibles they go out of their way to accommodate your dietary requirements and food preferences. Very nice, friendly people who want to make you happy.” 
~ Karen W.

"Thank you for all that you have done for me. You have taught me a healthier way
to eat for the rest of my life. You have taught me to control my food no matter
what happens. Once again, from my heart, thank you and your staff."
~ Susan Osser

annie’s edibles is by far the greatest decision I have ever made in my life-long struggle to lose weight. I finally have a convenient, healthy and delicious eating plan that works for me and I am constantly seeing results. I truly love it!” 
~ Teni Khachaturian - Publicity

“I enjoy the healthy custom-designed meals and personal service. It’s like having my own chef!”
~ Andrea Weaver - Motion Picture & Television Costumes

“I’ve become dependent upon the convenience of this service. Not too mention the food is healthy and tastes great!  Thank you.” 
~ Tina - Healthcare Consultant

“I love annie’s edibles. The variety of the meals and the interesting, delicious dishes keep me so happy. Thanks Annalisa and gang!”
~ Belita Moreno – Actress

“As a CPA dealing with bladder cancer and tax season these last four months I knew one thing for certain.  I’d have a good healthy dinner waiting for me every night. I’ve survived tax season a am feeling much better. Thank you for helping me this year and I’ll be using you again next tax season.”
~ Steve Winard

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and provide me with helpful information to motivate me.  Your kindness and excellent customer service is appreciated. I am not a celebrity, but you made me feel like one.”
~ Kim Johnson

“Thank you for helping me get to where I am now. I am a new person, but still as grateful as ever. You have made me realize that I was wrong. I can lose weight and keep it off.” 
~ Suzy Robertson

"You'll find yourself running to the door early each morning to see what new culinary inventions await. The meals are balanced to your individual needs. Great service. Always healthy. Always delicious."
~ Alan Watt

"She is a master chef that compliments my program with her culinary talent."
~ Dr. Barry Sears

"I love my new body, thank you, thank you, thank you - I never looked and felt as
good as I do. I am a new person, but still as thankful as ever."
~ Suzy Robertson

"annie's edibles, keep up the good work. The food is amazing."
~ Richard Hillman