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“I love annie’s edibles. The variety of the meals and the interesting, delicious dishes keep me so happy. Thanks Annalisa and gang!” 

“As a CPA dealing with bladder cancer and tax season these last four months I knew one thing for certain.  I’d have a good healthy dinner waiting for me every night. I’ve survived tax season a am feeling much better. Thank you for helping me this year and I’ll be using you again next tax season.” 

“We were thrilled to have annie’s

edibles providing all of the meals for the show. You can exercise until you pass out, but if you aren’t eating properly, you won’t see the best results. Annalisa’s gourmet meals helped teach the participants how to make permanent changes to the way they eat, and showed them that eating healthy does not have to mean eating boring foods. I was so impressed with her service that I now use it myself!“ 
Producer - VH1’s “From Flab to Fab”


"Annie's Edibles Arrives"
February 2005

​Very few people can afford the time to scour the grocery store, the farmer’s market, the butcher, and the fresh fish market for the best ingredients, daily. For most people, even attempting to cook one healthy meal a day translates into a high-stress situation that drains precious time. Enter Annalisa Mastroianni, owner of Annie’s Edibles, a convenient delivery service that’s just expanded into the Santa Clarita Valley.

Annie’s clients describe her as both a healthy and affordable meal service and as their personal gourmet chef. That’s because Annie’s Edibles does it all, and more. They provide nutritional counseling, create a personalized dietary plan to fit your lifestyle and fitness goals, and deliver fresh meals, direct to your door.

Annie’s meals arrive between 1 and 5 am, in a cooler that stays fresh for up to 12 hours. Meals can be packed for use that day, or if you’re headed out of town, “to go.” In either case, Annie’s Edibles accommodates individual tastes and preferences, at no extra charge, which provides you with convenience and peace of mind.

Mastroianni’s clients range from average families to Hollywood stars, to hit shows like VH-1’s, “From Flab to Fab.” Cher enthusiastically calls it her “service of choice—great food, great service.” Dr. Barry Sears bestows upon her the title of a “master chef.” And folks like Alan Watt say, “You’ll find yourself running to the door early each morning to see what new culinary inventions await. The meals are balanced to your individual needs. Always healthy. Always delicious.”

Mastroianni shops daily for the freshest, best ingredients. She chooses sushi-grade fish, antibiotic/hormone free poultry or meat, and organic vegetables and fruits, when available. She combines proteins with low-glycemic carbs, to create tantalizing dishes that are low-sodium and low-fat, but with a distinctive gourmet flair. Upon request, Mastroianni can incorporate specific diets, such as Atkins, South Beach, or The Zone; or tailor one just for you. And that’s the beauty of Mastroianni’s success – personal attention, fresh, healthy meals, and at an affordable price. 

SELF "How far would you go to look like J. Lo?"
May 2004

Rock stars have nutritionists, chefs and trainers on hand when they need to firm up fast. But could these experts' tactics work on "real" women? VH1 put the question to the test for its new show Flab to Fab using three brave guinea pigs- Victoria Walton, Angelique Giantonio and LaChrecia Flournoy. Watch how experts who normally cater to celebs whip three far-from-famous females into shape.

The Fitness (it's relentless) Trainers Tarik Tyler and Yumi Lee meet the three women at 6:30 A.M. Tuesday through Friday (8:30 on weekends). After a 10-minute cardio warm-up. Lee demands 300 crunches—crunches to the front, to the sides, reverse crunches, you name it. This gets the dreaded ab work over with and "forces the women to keep their abs tight for the rest of the workout," she explains. From there, they proceed to a brutal series of two- minute drills, alternating between strength moves and cardio. In addition to the hour-long A.M. session, each woman does an hour of cardio daily. "It seems extreme, but this is the same formula we use on celebrities who need to shape up quickly," Lee says. The women have Monday off from their trainers but must take a yoga or pilates class to promote flexibility. "Two workouts every day for three months," says Lee, who has worked with Pink and Brad Pitt. "That's what it takes."

The Food (it's skimpy) Personal chef Annalisa Mastroianni, Owner of Annie's Edibles in West Hollywood, delivers the women meals that weigh in at only 1,300 calories per day, based on a diet that L.A. Weight loss guru Larry Krug devised. Portions are small and adhere to a 40 percent protein ratio "designed to stabilize blood sugar to reduce cravings and increase energy," according to Krug. He also recommends eating every three hours, because going longer without food causes a metabolic slowdown. A day's menu might include a breakfast of 20 grapes and an egg, a midmoming snack of 1 cup fresh pineapple and an ounce of sunflower seeds and a lunch of a Cobb salad (veggies and garbanzo beans topped with a 3-ounce mix of sliced turkey and turkey bacon).

September 1999
In a society that's all about all-you-can-eat buffets and super sizing, it's practically impossible to exercise moderation. Unless you're a client of Annalisa Mastroianni. Her Annie's Edibles has fed the likes of actors Forest Whitaker, and Matthew McConaughey, makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, and senior executives at William Morris and Columbia Pictures. The convenience and good taste. "In L.A., to get something really healthy at your door that is personalized to your desires is unheard of," says Mastroianni, who calls her business a "personal chef service." She cooks according to the principles of The Zone and Atkins diets, taking calories and fat into account, as well as client preferences ("pine nuts instead of peanuts, phobias ("orange peels"), and indulgences ("pork chops and macaroni and cheese").