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Having Annie’s Edibles delivered to my door is like having little elves (who happen to be amazing cooks) they make sure I stay healthy, happy & most importantly slim.

WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT... in an effort to reduce our impact on it we now use Hybrid-Electic vehicles (Toyota Prius) to make all of our deliveries. 

Annie's Edibles delivers great taste and convenience to your door. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or enjoy the simplicity of having your meals prepared and delivered to your door, we can help.

Our chefs prepare delicious, gourmet meals. We handpick our ingredients from the finest butchers, produce markets and specialty food stores to ensure they are fresh and free of added chemicals, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors.

Every dish is personalized to accommodate individual tastes, favorite foods, allergies and nutritional goals. Every meal is prepared with these in mind to keep you healthy and happy, at no extra charge.

Sometimes you need the right encouragement (nudge, nudge) and the right information to make helpful changes in your life. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply enjoy the convenience of having your meals expertly prepared and delivered to your door, annie’s ediblesis for you. And if you ever have a question about  dietary issues our staff nutritionist will be able to provide the answers.

Breakfast $10             Lunch $15                    Dinner $25




Annalisa Mastroianni found herself doing what she loves quite by accident.  A personal trainer, impressed with Annalisa’s culinary skills, recommended that she get into the business of specialty meal preparation and home delivery. Eventually, word of Annalisa’s customized meal service, driven by her mastery of specialty cooking and healthy eating principles, spread to others in need. The business was born.

Founded Annie’s Edibles in 1997, she realized that people no longer had the time to cook for themselves, but still wanted to enjoy quality home cooked meals. Annie’s Edibles began catering to the nutritional needs of time starved individuals who wanted to take the thinking out of mealtime

Through the years, Annalisa has spread her gospel of good food to a  growing list of clients, that include; Cher, Forest Whitaker, Alyson Hannigan, Mathew McConaughey, Darren Star, Kristin Davis, Sarah Michelle Gellar,
Stevie Nicks, Dana Delany, Andre 3000 and Queen Latifah. Of course, you do not have to be Hollywood royalty to enjoy the delights of Annie’s Edibles. Just give her a call!